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The Nature of Happiness (topic #1)

(moderately distorted retelling from Russian, cf. also the info for teoriya)

_rowan_tree_: What are the components of happiness? Or, if not components, then what the happiness consists of?

anhinga_anhinga: Happiness is when one has "the drive" and can act according to this "drive".


anhinga_anhinga: Something as basic as happiness should be simple.

_rowan_tree_: Happiness? Basic?

anhinga_anhinga: Conjecture: to be happy it is necessary and sufficient to have "the drive" and to be able to "follow" it. Are there counter-examples?

_rowan_tree_: Counter-example: sometimes happiness is when does not have to "follow" anything. The presence of "drive" implies desires and desires more often lead to feeling of unhappiness, rather than happiness.

anhinga_anhinga: Indeed, this partial case is not covered by the conjecture. Of course, the problem with this variety of happiness is that it is brief, and must be preceded by [...]


Update: the feeling of aesthetical pleasure from looking at something/reading something is covered by "the drive" conjecture, I think, e.g.:

Update 2: I actually changed my mind on the counter-example above. Happiness when one does not have to "follow" anything actually happens when and only when one has a strong desire not to "follow" anything (and does not "follow" anything). So it is still a case of having a strong desire and being able to act according to this desire, and hence not a real counter-example.
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