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Light Show at Grand Central, AskEraser, lectures in Boston

I was in New York City last weekend -- there is a pretty nice light-and-music show at the Grand Central Terminal going through December.

Main Concourse, on the half hour, 11:30am to 9pm. Allow an extra few minutes to get to your train, with people watching the show obstructing your way somewhat.. Now I know how one can use a palace :-) A photo here: search engine introduced AskEraser button for those occasions when you don't want your searches for @#$%^*! to stay in the logs of a search engine for a long time. Given increasing privacy concerns, this might be useful, at least once in a while..

A calendar of selected lectures on science and engineering in the Boston area for the current week:

One way to see a lot of cool postings is to read Friends pages of other people. What I would really like to have is a tool to mark cool postings as I read them and to aggregate them into something formatted similarly to a Friends page and to make that available on the Web. Reading such "Selected Reading" logs of other people would probably be more interesting than just reading their Friends pages.
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