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Continuing to write on BU neuroconference...

The very first tutorial was by Bruno Olshausen. (Bruno is a close collaborator of Jeff Hawkins, the author of the memory-prediction framework theory described in his book "On Intelligence".)

The title was "Natural image statistics and efficient neural representation", and the most relevant paper in connection with this tutorial is his paper with David Field, "Sparse coding of sensory inputs".

But I found another paper by the same authors to be especially enlightening: "How close are we to understanding V1?" If you can only read a few pages in neuroscience this year, read section 2.1 of this paper (pages 4-7), to get a picture of the rather sorry current state of mainstream neuroscience. Basically, it is commonly thought that we understand a lot about the primary visual cortical area V1, but the authors make a good argument to the contrary. The previous version of this paper was called "What is the other 85% of V1 doing?"
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