anhinga_anhinga (anhinga_anhinga) wrote,

Coincidences, "Jungian synchronicities", or ?..

I am puzzled by the nature of coincidences one observes in LJ friends pages.

For example, I collected the 5 such events in my Friends page here (5 pairs of posts):

  1. references to Chomsky

  2. references to cinema institutions in Moscow

  3. references to the same song by Scherbakov

  4. references to spoons

  5. references to showers

(The first 4 pairs are in Russian.)

In these instances the entries do not seem to obviously depend on each other.

So there can be a whole spectrum of explanations, ranging from the "most materialistic one" (there is no mystery at all, it is just my pattern-detecting mechanism at work), to the "most mystical one" ("someone out there is trying to tell me something"). And there are plenty of "intermediate versions"...

If the "most materialistic" explanation is true, I wonder how does one verify this statistically?

And if an "intermediate" explanation is true, how do we figure out which one?
Tags: synchronicity

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