July 4th, 2006

Anhinga, snakebird

"Топосы для настоящих нулей" (геометрическая логика)


by Steven Vickers

"Last year I wrote a short article "Toposes pour les nuls", with the aim of explaining toposes (and in particular their nature as generalized topological spaces) to those who knew nothing about them. Unfortunately, it seems that I was unsuccessful at this aim, for when I presented the material at a seminar I was told that I should write another article per les vraiment nuls. This is intended to be it."

Была бы полезна ещё одна итерация, "топосы для абсолютных нулей" :-) Тем ни менее, здесь всего 12 страниц, и категории появляются только в самом конце..