anhinga_anhinga (anhinga_anhinga) wrote,

Singularity readings

It's probably time for me to start reading on Singularity again, especially as it looks like there are new attractive sites, such as this group of Singularitarians or this collection of links to name 2 new great entry points.

Specifically, here is a new paper on Friendly AI I'd like to understand first.

UPDATE: A nice stimulating paper [it's interesting, how they use Wiki too, in a bit unusual fashion]. The main problem of Yudkowsky's approach here is that it is too humanity-centric. Basically, if we have parents (us) and their kids (AI), certainly things cannot be entirely determined by the parents' interests, especially in a situation where kids are so much smarter.

Although, for creators with a more "Oriental" system of values this might seem appropriate...
Tags: philosophy, singularity

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