anhinga_anhinga (anhinga_anhinga) wrote,

Anhinga anhinga: 1 year

Dec 17, 2004: Anhinga (female) (photo)

selected articles from Dec 17, 2004 - Jun 17, 2005:

Jan 02, 2005: Subliminal advertisement does not work

Jan 04: Pet Skunks

Jan 26: Philip Johnson died (photo)

Feb 02: "Cosmic fingers": Dark star-forming regions within the Eagle Nebula (photo)

Feb 08: Лыжи в Бостоне/Cross-Country Skiing in Boston

Feb 20: Friends of Friends Remixes

Feb 22: First long discussion on the "hard problem of consciousness" in Anhinga anhinga

Mar 02: Are We Living In a Computer Simulation? (Nick Bostrom site)

Mar 06: Mixere is a free, open-source application for mixing audio files by Chris Korda

Mar 09: Sea lions playing in the Long Beach Aquarium (photo)

Mar 21: photos by Fan Ho

Apr 14: An Automatic CS Paper Generator

Apr 27: "Rational Design of DNA Machines" by Niles Pierce

May 1: Тестовый сайт "Отработки" запылает !

Взыщу диванные аналоги для англоязычных текстов, а то CNN верный очень...

Карстовый кейф: ЖЖ хорошо через эту немку бухать, особенно-вековечно свой собственный.

May 9:: Second long discussion on the "hard problem of consciousness" in Anhinga anhinga (полисолипсизм: минимальное определение понятия сознания)

May 19, May 20, Jun 12, Jun 14: Writing about Ninth International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems

Jun 15: Tart Cherries in North Andover, MA

Jun 17: 6 Favorite Songs: Щербаков
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