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Newtonmas. Religion and Atheism in America

Newtonmas is a secular holiday celebrated on December 25 in honor of Sir Isaac Newton's birthday. It is celebrated with an apple tree.

Speaking of the relationship between society and religion, has anyone tried to get an official recognition of atheism as a religion (especially in America)?

The official recognition of a religion in America is a fairly non-trivial issue. For example, one can often refuse to do something (e.g. a mandatory vaccination required by an educational institution) based on his sincere religious convictions, but the catch often is that one has to be a member of a "recognized" religion, and cannot, for example, claim that he or she merely follows the commandments of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

So I wonder how to get a religion officially recognized?

A positive side of the official recognition of atheism as a religion would be a more fair treatment. The rights of atheists to exercise their religion would be better protected under the First Amendment, and at the same time the government would not be able to promote atheistic religion due to the Establishment clause of the First Amendment.
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