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The Art of the VJ - Real Time Video Performance Techniques

Thursday, June 15, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Cambridge Public Library, Central Square Branch
45 Pearl St., Cambridge, MA
free and open to the public

"On Thursday, June 15th, local VJ Jeff Mission will host a presentation, performance, and discussion of the rapidly growing art of live video mixing. Using a combination of live demonstrations and archival clips, we will survey the history, equipment, and techniques of live visual performance, ranging from the psychedelic oil projections of the 60's, through video sampling revolutionaries Emergency Broadcast Network and Hexstatic, into the wildly diverse landscape of today's international VJ scene. This event will include presentations by local artists Chris Korda, Karen Lane, and Shawn Faherty, to be followed by a live audiovisual jam session. The evening will conclude with a brief question and answer session with the artists.

In a culture whose moving images are dominated by the passive viewing experience of television and film, live video mixing is a conceptual revolution. By using a familiar medium in an unfamiliar way, live video artists create art that challenges our relationship with the screen.

Visual Jockeys, or VJs, combine, deconstruct, and recontextualize images in real-time, creating art that is unique, ephemeral, and connected to a particular time and place. While many of the concepts and techniques employed by modern VJs have existed for decades, the canvas of ideas continues to grow, driven by technical advances and a steady influx of new artists.

The technological forces that launched a generation of bedroom studios and shifted the modern musical landscape are doing the same with video.
Advances in computing power have blurred the line between professional multimedia systems and personal computers. As more people find the power to create and control live video literally sitting in their laps, they are experimenting in growing numbers with a proliferation of software and hardware designed to harness this power.

About Beatfix Studios
Beatfix Studios designs audiovisual environments that breathe life into technology. Using a combination of advanced tools, innovative techniques, and creative intuition, Beatfix Studios is dedicated to creating shared sensory experiences that connect artists with their audience. Learn more at

About Chris Korda
Chris Korda is the evil genius behind Whorld, an open-source software program that allows VJs and visual artists to create interactive, real-time geometric patterns of almost infinite complexity. This latest accomplishment comes on the heels of a successful career as a live electronic musician. Is there nothing this man cannot do? Learn more at

About Karen Lane
The multi-talented, experimental cinematographer Karen Lane has explored many realms, from live camera to production and documentary work. Through her work Karen has traveled worldwide, sharing her experiences through the art of the lens.

About Shawn Faherty (VJ Massta)
Shawn Faherty's feel for rhythm and attention to detail are both evident in the custom-made CG environments that are his trademark. Performing live as VJ Massta, Shawn seeks out musicians whose sound is a good match for his fluid visual style. Learn more at

About Jeff Mission
Over the last decade, digital artist Jeff Mission has worn a number of brightly colored hats - resident DJ for Boston's recurring Circle parties, co-founder of the Glitch VJ Crew, member of the Redtail artists' collective. An active explorer in the technological arts community, he has had a hand in hundreds of events in the Northeast US and beyond. He loves creative mixing, lazy Sundays, and the satisfaction of a job well done."

Posted by Jeff Mission on a mailing list for Boston Burning Man Community.
Tags: animation, events, music, visual art

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