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Spikes, synchronization, and adaptive resonance

What might eventually turn to be the main event of 10th ICCNS a few weeks ago: Max Versace (a graduate student of Grossberg) finally did something to unify Grossberg's ART ("adaptive resonance theory") and spikes and synchronous oscillations.

There is no paper yet, but the abstract is here:

Grossberg's ART was the only non-spiking framework which had decent stability-plasticity properties (and was trying to capture the notion of resonances in neural systems).

Spikes and synchronous oscillations are a resonance framework which is (theoretically) supposed to be able to have decent stability-plasticity properties on its own. So it is very interesting to finally see an attempt at their integration.

The open source neurosimulation software which was used is at

The main author of the software is Anatoli Gorchetchnikov (also from Grossberg's department), and with this software one can simulate relatively large networks of multicompartment neurons (this seems to be quite a unique capacity among all available simulators).
Tags: advanced software, neural nets, neuroscience, revisit

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