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Марина Георгадзе

Marina Georgadze: March 17, 1966 - August 23, 2006


Мы взглянули: дичь, стрекоза
и по мышцам крыл пробежал огонь.
Встречный ветер рассек глаза
и запрыгал под нами как конь.

И сквозь синий свист мы неслись, неслись,
тело полое положив на ничто.
И спокойно смотрели вниз
через выгнутое как лук плечо.

MUMBLETY-PEG (Игра в ножички)

Mumblety-peg, play mumble-the-peg.
Some who played it
and some who haven't.
Some were born to a Chicago wreck,
some were born to a Long Island haven.

Some haven't seen
blacks till sixteen
and call Shakespeare 'romantic'.
Others stick around those
streets with blades in their toes
and count out-loud till eighty.

'Cause after eighty-four
it doesn't hurt anymore.
Any skyscrapers start melting.
And every moment is e-ter-ni-ty.

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