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Boston gentrification/decay

Virgin Megastore in the Frank Gehry building on the corner of Newbury Street and Massachusetts Avenue is closing this weekend.

A rather sad development driven by the rising real estate prices.

This is the main article:

What's remarkable about this article is that it does not even mention that this instance of Virgin store was itself a pale clone of the remarkable Tower Records store it displaced just 4 years ago in a similar manner. The social memory seems to be short, but many of us remember the unique book section of the Tower Records store. The Virgin book section was still interesting, but not as good as what it displaced.. (There might still be some leftovers during this weekend, I am not sure..)

The new low is that this location will house a Best Buy store :-(

Here are some cool photos of the building, of the new luxury lofts which are displacing the offices on the upper floors, and of the local people:

I did not know that Frank Gehry redesigned this building in the 1980s..
Tags: architecture, gentrification, history, photo

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