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Sharing a few 3D photos (no stereo display is needed to watch them)

like this one:

from this album:

The site allows to share static 3D photos on ordinary displays (free service). The upload is very, very slow (which is quite annoying). There is a variety of 3D photos on the site to be browsed, but no search function.

Clicking on separate photos in an album seems to produce better results than running a slideshow.

The stereo effect is done by generating an animation from a stereo pair of images. This site uses a construction which is asymmetric with respect to left and right and is more complicated than a simple morphing between left and right pictures. A simple morphing like a*left_picture + (1-a)*right_picture might have been sufficient for a similar effect, and even simple flipping between left and right pictures might be able to do it via the "apparent motion effect", but this needs to be tested.

In this case, the photos were made by this stereo camera (in San Francisco and Boston):

It is possible to make stereo pairs of images by an ordinary camera as well (the site gives a brief tutorial).

The embedding of 3D images from this site into LiveJournal does not work at the moment.
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