anhinga_anhinga (anhinga_anhinga) wrote,

2019: shaders, dreamwidth, and more

I hope for us all to have a creative and safe New Year.

Computer art news: I started to play with OpenGL shaders and with

Other news: books and stories, my own texts, open source activity and software experiments, employment change, etc:

I generally shifted quite a bit towards dreamwidth and this blog during this year, and away from livejournal; this was not planned, but just happened "organically". Most of my activity this year was at

I created a couple of feeds from that blog to LJ (usually, RSS and Atom feeds are slightly different, but in this case they seem to be the same): dmm_dream_rss (broken since late January, fixed on April 9, broken again since April 14, fixed on May 27 capturing posts since May 15) and dmm_dream_atom (broken since April 9, fixed on May 26 capturing posts since May 15).


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