anhinga_anhinga (anhinga_anhinga) wrote,

OpenAI Codex (статья года), JuliaCon 2021 starts on July 20

"Evaluating Large Language Models Trained on Code",

A detailed description of early (pre-GitHub Copilot) versions of OpenAI Codex. This is the "paper of the year" so far: we finally have real progress in AI-assisted computer programming (and difficulties of computer programming form the key bottleneck limiting the speed of progress).

See comments in for details.

JuliaCon 2021 starts on July 20 with 8 days of workshops followed by 3 days of main conference. JuliaCon 2020 was great, this is likely to be even better.

This is a fully virtual conference for the second year in a row; the registration is free and needed to access interactive features, poster sessions, and such, but the bulk of materials will be accessible via YouTube without registration. I created a post with links and I'll keep populating it with various comments as the conference progresses.


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