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A new novel by Greg Egan

Greg Egan recently designed another of his universes. This one is named "Orthogonal" and is based on symmetry between space and time (instead of the Minkowski space-time the world is based on the 4-dimensional Euclidean space):

A beautiful universe; the role of light is really interesting; very interesting biology with innovative gender and procreation scheme (and more or less familiar social patterns refracted by this physics and biology). "The Clockwork Rocket" appeared this Summer and is the first novel of the planned trilogy, I've just read the Kindle edition, liked it a lot.
Anhinga, snakebird

Осип Мандельштам

После полуночи сердце ворует
Прямо из рук запрещенную тишь,
Тихо живет, хорошо озорует -
Любишь - не любишь - ни с чем не сравнишь.

Любишь - не любишь, поймешь - не поймаешь...
Так почему ж как подкидыш дрожишь?
После полуночи сердце пирует,
Взяв на прикус серебристую мышь.

(link) Март 1931, Москва.
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Benoît Mandelbrot

Andrew Gelman (columbia_stat) on Benoît Mandelbrot:

NNDB entry:

Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007 (this is an entry from it I liked, but the site seems to hate hotlinking, so I am just including the link to it.)

Update: Read his A maverick's apprenticeship (8 pages PDF, 160K).
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A tempting paper in math linguistics

russhatter showed me a very tempting paper in mathematical linguistics (in the comments to the previous post). I don't understand it well enough (yet) to say whether I like it. It does use monoidal categories to achieve its goals.

Perhaps someone would want to comment on this, or would find the reference interesting.

"Mathematical Foundations for a Compositional Distributional Model of Meaning
Authors: Bob Coecke, Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Stephen Clark
(Submitted on 23 Mar 2010)

Abstract: We propose a mathematical framework for a unification of the distributional theory of meaning in terms of vector space models, and a compositional theory for grammatical types, for which we rely on the algebra of Pregroups, introduced by Lambek. [...]"

Update: Collapse )
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Ищу данные

В литературе встречается следующее удивительное утверждение: разброс скорости многих химических реакций (например, разброс скорости изменения цвета лакмусовой бумажки при измерении кислотности эталонного раствора фиксированной кислотности) уменьшается с увеличением солнечной активности.

Механизм того, как это могло бы быть, крайне загадочен, но, зато, легко проверить, верно это, или нет, если добраться до каких-нибудь архивов данных (например, если компания, производящая лакмусовые бумажки, каждый день их тестирует на скорость посинения/покраснения и сохраняет многолетные архивы таких данных, то это было бы то, что надо).

Если кто-нибудь знает, как добраться до какого-нибудь архива такого типа, было бы очень здорово.
Anhinga, snakebird

LJ custom colors for S1 style; Gmail weirdness; Google workarounds

The colors for old-style journals with custom colors (S1 styles) were broken after the latest LJ release. Now they are fixed, but if you are affected, it is very likely that you need to set them manually again.Collapse )

There were some mild Gmail delays yesterday, and it turned out that Gmail violated the fundamental paradigm that mail is handled as a stack in the order of arrival. Instead the mail was inserted in the order it was time-stamped by the sender, so sometimes new unread messages were inserted deeper than already read messages.

That's pretty bad, because this creates risk that some delayed messages would never be noticed, if they are inserted deep enough. It seems that Google has problems with quality control recently. Collapse )